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Catholic Video Talks & Teachings on YouTube

Items with the YouTube icon are available on YouTube for online viewing.

1.     V-10A 
    Overview of the Bible (Parts 1-4)
An overview of the Synoptic Gospels, Gospel & Letters of John, Acts of the Apostles, Epistles, and the Psalms (Fr. Al Lauer)
Overview of the Synoptic GospelsPlay  Details
Overview of the Gospel & Letters of JohnPlay  Details
Overview of the Acts of the Apostles & EpistlesPlay  Details
Overview of the PsalmsPlay  Details
Playlist on YouTube
2.     V-8A 
    Life in the Spirit Seminar (Parts 1-4)
Topics include: God's Love, Salvation, New Life, and Receiving God's Gift. (Fr. Al Lauer)
God's LovePlay  Details
SalvationPlay  Details
New LifePlay  Details
Receiving God's GiftPlay  Details
Playlist on YouTube
3.     V-46 
    Multiple Topics
Secret of Fasting, Mission Impossible, How to Stop Abortion, How to Read the Bible. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Secret of FastingPlay  Details
Mission ImpossiblePlay  Details
How to Stop AbortionPlay  Details
How to Read the BiblePlay  Details
4.     V-52 
    Multiple Topics
Developing a Deep Personal Relationship with Jesus, Arrogance, Jesus' Incarnation, and Divine Love. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Developing a Deep Personal Relationship with JesusPlay  Details
ArrogancePlay  Details
Jesus' IncarnationPlay  Details
Divine LovePlay  Details
5.     V-43 
    Multiple Topics
Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior and God, Gambling and God, Job Performance for Jesus. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Baptism in the Holy SpiritPlay  Details
Accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior and GodPlay  Details
GamblingPlay  Details
Job Performance for JesusPlay  Details
6.     V-3A 
    Gifts of the Spirit (Parts 1-4)
Topics include: Introduction, Renewal Gifts, Unity Gifts, Growth Gifts 1. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Introduction to Gifts of the SpiritPlay  Details
Renewal GiftsPlay  Details
Unity GiftsPlay  Details
Growth Gifts 1Play  Details
Playlist on YouTube
7.     V-21 
    Introduction to the Bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)
A 30-minute introduction to each book of the Bible (Fr. Al Lauer)
MatthewPlay  Details
MarkPlay  Details
LukePlay  Details
JohnPlay  Details
Playlist on YouTube
8.     V-82 
    Multiple Topics
Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of Christ, Book of Life, Shalom, and How to Pray the Bible. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of ChristPlay  Details
Book of LifePlay  Details
ShalomPlay  Details
How to Pray the BiblePlay  Details
9.     V-44 
    Multiple Topics
Life Decisions, Do You Renounce Satan?, Beatitudes, Secret of Confession. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Life DecisionsPlay  Details
Do You Renounce Satan?Play  Details
BeatitudesPlay  Details
Secret of ConfessionPlay  Details
10.     V-13A 
    Biblical Counseling (Part 1)
The Bible's answers to life's questions (Fr. Al Lauer)
Biblical Counseling (Part 1)Play  Details
Biblical Counseling (Part 2)Play  Details
Biblical Counseling (Part 3)Play  Details
Biblical Counseling (Part 4)Play  Details
Playlist on YouTube
11.     V-92A 
    Additional Life in the Spirit Seminars (Parts 1-4)
Five 30-minute teachings on 2 video tapes. These teachings can supplement or replace some of the standard Life in the Spirit Seminars. With the tapes, a booklet and other resources are available upon request. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Pentecost and the Baptismal PromisesPlay  Details
The Spirit and the ChurchPlay  Details
Prerequisites to Receiving the SpiritPlay  Details
The Spirit, the Flesh and the DevilPlay  Details
Playlist on YouTube
12.     V-40A 
    Building Community Life in the Spirit Seminars (Parts 1-4)
Topics include: Christian Community, Biblical Brotherhood and Sisterhood, Crucified to the World, and There's No Place Like Home. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Christian CommunityPlay  Details
Biblical Brotherhood and SisterhoodPlay  Details
Crucified to the WorldPlay  Details
There's No Place Like HomePlay  Details
Playlist on YouTube
13.     V-79 
    Multiple Topics
Principles of Bible Interpretation (Parts 1 and 2), Our Lady of Guadalupe Bible College, and the Remnant. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Principles of Bible Interpretation (Part 1)Play  Details
Principles of Bible Interpretation (Part 2)Play  Details
Our Lady of Guadalupe Bible CollegePlay  Details
The RemnantPlay  Details
14.     V-67 
    Multiple Topics
The Contracepting Society, Praying the "Our Father", Sexual Purity in Marriage, and The Church in God's Plan. (Fr. Al Lauer)
The Contracepting SocietyPlay  Details
Sexual Purity in MarriagePlay  Details
Praying the Our FatherPlay  Details
The Church in God's PlanPlay  Details
15.     V-11A 
    How to Heal in Jesus' Name (Parts 1-4)
Topics include: Kingdom Vision, How Jesus Healed, How Jesus Healed in the Gospels, and Jesus' Healings in Mark's Gospel. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Kingdom VisionPlay  Details
How Jesus HealedPlay  Details
How Jesus Healed in the GospelsPlay  Details
Jesus' Healings in Mark's GospelPlay  Details
Playlist on YouTube
16.     V-106A 
    Forgiveness (Parts 1-3)
(Fr. Al Lauer)
Forgiveness Part 1Play  Details
Forgiveness Part 2Play  Details
Forgiveness Part 3Play  Details
Playlist on YouTube
17.     V-45 
    Multiple Topics
Hearing God, Keeping the Lord's Day Holy, Fund Raising and Faith Raising, and Birth Control. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Hearing GodPlay  Details
Keeping the Lord's Day HolyPlay  Details
Fund Raising and Faith RaisingPlay  Details
Birth ControlPlay  Details
18.     V-83 
    Renewing Our Baptismal Promises (Parts 1-3)
Your Baptism is the most important event in your life. Pope John Paul II has taught, "It is no exaggeration to say that the entire existence of the lay faithful has as its purpose to lead a person to a knowledge of radical newness of the Christian life that comes from Baptism." (Lay Members of Christ's Faithful People) Six 30-minutes teachings on 2 video tapes. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Do You Reject Satan?Play  Details
Do You Reject All Satan's Works?Play  Details
Do You Reject All Satan's Empty Promises?Play  Details
Playlist on YouTube
19.     V-117 
    How to Teach the Bible (Parts 1-4)
(Fr. Al Lauer)
In God's PlanPlay  Details
In the Holy SpiritPlay  Details
The WordPlay  Details
In the ChurchPlay  Details
Playlist on YouTube
20.     V-54 
    Multiple Topics
Forgiveness, Shame, Loving the Mass, and Am I Going to Heaven? (Fr. Al Lauer)
ForgivenessPlay  Details
ShamePlay  Details
Loving the MassPlay  Details
Am I Going to Heaven?Play  Details
21.     V-103 
    Pentecost Novena
(Fr. Al Lauer)
Pentecost NovenaPlay  Details
22.     V-75 
    Multiple Topics
Biblical Fund Raising, Redemptive Suffering, Prophetic Life Style, and Judgment Day. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Biblical Fund RaisingPlay  Details
Redemptive SufferingPlay  Details
Prophetic Life StylePlay  Details
Judgment DayPlay  Details
23.     V-62 
    Multiple Topics
God Bless American, How to Fight False Teaching, Obeying God, Daily Prayers. (Fr. Al Lauer)
God Bless AmericaPlay  Details
How to Fight False TeachingsPlay  Details
Obeying GodPlay  Details
Daily PrayersPlay  Details
24.     V-17A 
    Church Home (Parts 1-4)
Topics include: Weekly Meeting, Evangelization, Everyday Life, and Counter-Cultural (Fr. Al Lauer)
Weekly MeetingPlay  Details
EvangelizationPlay  Details
Everyday LifePlay  Details
Counter-CulturalPlay  Details
Playlist on YouTube
25.     V-50 
    Multiple Topics
Fathering, The Pope's Vision of God's Plan, Jesus the Redeemer, and Presentation Ministries. (Fr. Al Lauer)
FatheringPlay  Details
The Pope's Vision of God's PlanPlay  Details
Jesus the RedeemerPlay  Details
Presentation MinistriesPlay  Details
26.     V-81 
    Multiple Topics
The Assumption of Mary, Interpreting the Present Time, Holy Spirit Our Hope, and Effects of Sin. (Fr. Al Lauer)
The Assumption of MaryPlay  Details
Interpreting the Present TimePlay  Details
Holy Spirit Our HopePlay  Details
Effects of SinPlay  Details
27.     V-42 
    Multiple Topics
Abortion and Your Taxes, Jesus and Peace, Leading Your Loved Ones to Christ, How to Get Your Kids to Go to Church and Go to Heaven. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Abortion and TaxesPlay  Details
Jesus & PeacePlay  Details
Leading Your Loved Ones to ChristPlay  Details
How to get Your Kids to go to ChurchPlay  Details
28.     V-41 
    Unforgiveness (Parts 1-2)
(Fr. Al Lauer)
Unforgiveness Part 1Play  Details
Unforgiveness Part 2Play  Details
Playlist on YouTube
29.     V-55 
    Evangelization (Parts 1-4)
Topics include: Evangelization Is like a River, Evangelization Is like Fishing, Evangelization Is like Farming, Pope Paul VI On Evangelization. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Evangelization Is Like a RiverPlay  Details
Evangelization Is Like FishingPlay  Details
Evangelization Is Like FarmingPlay  Details
Pope Paul VI on EvangelizationPlay  Details
Playlist on YouTube
30.     V-4A 
    Risen Life (Parts 1-4)
Topics include: Meeting the Risen Christ, Dismantling the Old Man, Resurrection Sunday, Risen Work. (Fr. Al Lauer)
Meeting the Risen ChristPlay  Details
Dismantling the Old ManPlay  Details
Resurrection SundayPlay  Details
Risen WorkPlay  Details
Playlist on YouTube
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