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In Memory of Fr. Al Lauer

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A Path Of Deliverance I often think of the years before And the many things which I adored. A little boy with a curious eye, I'd watch the birds as they flew by. I marveled at their ease of flight and how they disappeared at night. They'd roost and sleep the night away But with the sun, another day. The sun, another wondrous sight, How in the morn it gives it’s light. It's brightness growing, you wonder how, It’s heat and warmth, you feel it now; And with it’s rise it seems to say “Sleepy eyes, wake up, it’s now a new day.” This fiery giant with light so bright, What a shame it must give way to night. My thoughts now change to other things To crawling creatures which come with spring: I’d watch a snake behind a glass With interest keen, the hours would pass. With army life the guns would roar I'd live with death within a war I’d pray to God who’s up above “Lord end this war, restore the love.” I wonder if God plans the fate To end this world so filled with hate It’s foolish for one war to end And have another start again It seems so senseless in my eyes Why war lives on and peace will die Is it power that will make men strive To cause a war and loss of lives? But power is the seed of' hate Is it worth serving Satan’s fate? The fate of' war sometimes is strange Through a war a man’s life may change A soldier on guard may be sitting alone His mind often wonders of his family back home; Then suddenly a burst and death fills the air, With no one to turn to, he cries in despair. But then he thinks of our Lord up above, This invisible being whose power is love. So, based on confusion; inspired by fears His prayer is uttered and our Lord Jesus hears. The soldier then realizes that he is not alone For he felt his deliverance and God’s glory is shown. And now a Christian, his story he’ll tell, “I found My Lord Jesus through the terrors of hell.” I still have my interests, just like before But now in my heart it’s the Lord I adore I now look at nature and the message it brings “In the beginning, God created all things.” Fr Al Lauer

Don Myers
July 28, 2018

I was introduced to Fr. Al through the Laudate App a few years ago. My husband and I listen to it as we begin our mornings. Fr. Al's reflections on daily scripture are always piercing; the working of the Holy Spirit is undeniable and we are so blessed by his podcast. We were saddened to discover Fr. Al had passed away so many years ago. His messages are still relevant to us today. We are so grateful to be able to listen to his messages still and hope they continue to be available through Laudate.

Roxann Martinez
July 19, 2018

I read through many of the comments and I felt all like minded people land here. I have the similar feelings for Fr. Al. My brother Richard introduced me to him and I drive to office listening to him. He gives the best reflections of the daily readings. I have too introduced it to many of them. I only hope PM will continue to broadcast this. Rest in peace Fr. Al. Please intercede to God for all your listeners !

Premila Jones
Bangalore, India
May 29, 2018

Funny, was streaming through the Daily Readings app for US Bishops, and saw The Fr. Al Lauer app on Daily Bread. Click on it and have never looked back. After I listen to the Daily Readings, i Clickl on Father Al. When he concludes, I pray for the repose of his soul, and ask for his intercession. Father Lauer..Please Pray of Us...

Edward Torres
May 2, 2018

I started using the Laudate app when my daughter shared it with me in 2015. I immediately got hooked on listening to all the podcast but was so much intrigued with Fr Al's teaching. I even shared a number of his teachings with my family members as it was a particularly challenging period of family feud amongst my brothers and sisters. With Fr Al's preaching, I was able to minister to my brothers and sisters for peace to reign in the family. I heard in one of his teachings that he had cancer and was always looking forward to when he shared the updates of the cancer cells on the radio. I was always wishing that he will come up one day to say that he was healed. However, sometimes last year (2017), I was navigating through the presentation ministries website to see if I can see a picture of Fr. Al. I saw the picture quite alright, but what was more shocking was the fact that he had passed since 2012. It broke my heart and I had to call my daughter to give her the news. She was also touched and sad. I have since read up everything I could on Fr. Al. He is still always alive for me when I listen to his preachings. I sometimes visit the website since I read about his passing and these visits are like going to visit a friend in their house. One of such visits is today, reading through some of the posts in his memory brought a lot of joy to my heart. I believe he is watching over us all from heaven as he said he will be doing in one of his radio messages. He surely was a good priest and servant of the Lord. Fr. Al, continue to intercede for us and my family, Amen.

United Kingdom
February 19, 2018

Like others, I discovered Father Al Lauer on the Laudate app. I did some further research on the Internet and found the videos of him teaching scripture and Catholic doctrine on YouTube. What a wonderful, holy priest he was, and even after his death, is influencing so many Catholic Christians with his pastoral, scriptural, practical advice on how to joyfully live the Christian life! Thank you Presentation Ministries for uploading the videos and podcasts of Father Lauer.

Rhode Island
October 25, 2017

I'm very glad to have discovered the Daily Bread podcast on iTunes a few years ago. Praise God for a holy priest like Fr. Al.

Colorado, USA
October 20, 2017

I started listening to Father Al just this year when they added it to the Laudate app. Really refreshing to hear his voice early morning. It was so alive and inspiring. Although, sometimes I failed to really meditate on your teachings, it still comforting to hear your voice every morning. Please pray for us, Fathe Al. To God Be The Glory!

Marlo Fijer
October 15, 2017

Been listening to Fr. Al for a few months now on laudate app. Had no idea he had passed more than 15 yrs ago. His messages are just too contemporary I find it had to believe he's gone this long. Ur prayers and encouragement has lifted me up in many ways I can't start describing. I go to know u after u passes but u have increased my faith tremendously. Thank you and God bless you

Rhodric Gana
Calgary, Canada
August 20, 2017

I first came across Fr Al Lauer on the Laudate app. I was in one of the most difficult times of my life financially. Jesus led me to listen to Fr Lauer's Daily Bread recordings. The first one I listened to was on obedience, Fr Lauer's voice sounded hoarse he explained that he recently had surgery. Every one of his reflection on the daily readings spoke to my heart and gave me much appreciated peace at the start of the day. Because of his encouragement I came to long for daily mass and adoration. Fr Lauer is a true channel of Jesus' love. Thank you Fr, please pray for me in heaven.

Nikki Limpin
August 3, 2017

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