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Below is a description of some of the ministries that make up Presentation Ministries:

One Bread, One Body

One Bread, One Body contains daily teachings based on the Catholic Church’s readings for daily Mass. PM began publishing this little booklet in 1984 and it has spread throughout the United States and the world. Each reflection is written in front of Jesus in the tabernacle and receives the Nihil obstat and Imprimatur, which provides the assurance that its contents are not contrary to Church teaching.

Daily Bread Radio Program

Fr. Al Lauer started the radio ministry in 1983 to provide inspired teaching of daily Scripture readings of the Catholic Church. The program is aired on numerous stations in the United States and Canada. Since Fr. Lauer’s death in October of 2002, new radio programs are no longer produced. Instead, older programs are edited and reprised for the correct liturgical day. These programs are called “Best of Daily Bread.”

Bible Institute

This ten-day institute has been held each summer since 1987 has the goal of equipping Catholics for ministry. The programs at the Institute feature nationally known speakers as well as lay people who have previously been equipped to use their spiritual gifts for teaching.

Discipleship Retreats

Father Al developed the Discipleship Retreats and the “40-day” retreat program as an opportunity for people to receive healing and be formed as disciples of Jesus through an intensive study of the Church's teachings and the Bible in the context of the Sacraments and Christian Community. Discipleship Retreats take place at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Retreat Center near Peebles, Ohio

Our Lady of Guadalupe College

This intentionally non-accredited Bible college, which began offering classes in 1984, offers both classroom and home-study courses. It provides an organic, systematic, and comprehensive understanding of divine revelation as mentioned in the Catechism, section 5. The curriculum includes all the books of the Bible, The Catechism of the Catholic Church, the documents of Vatican II, and Papal encyclicals.

My People Newspaper

This newspaper is proclaiming the miracle of de-secularization and re-christianization and is part of what Pope John Paul II calls “new evangelization.” My People provides not so much information as formation on displacing and overcoming the giant of the culture of death. We see My People as prophetic and on the cutting edge of the Holy Spirit’s renewal of the face of the earth (Ps 104:30).

Bible Line

The Bible Line offers a 3-4 minute message related to the daily eucharistic readings.  The line is operated in several cities and  makes it possible for local residents to hear these teachings 24-hours a day by making a local phone call.  It is also available online in MP3 and via podcast. Prayer requests are also taken on the line.

Publications (Publications and Audio/Video Recordings)

We offer printed publications and audio/video recordings over a wide range of topics. All of the materials are heavily based on the Bible and Church documents. Printed materials include the Nihil ohstat and Imprimatur.

Pope Francis, Shepherd of Truth

Every month Pope Francis, Shepherd of Truth highlights and summarizes one of the recent writings of Pope Francis. The goal is allow the "average person" keep up with what the Pope is communicating to the Church and to the world.  Pope Francis, Shepherd of Truth was designed for printing in parish bulletins and may be freely reproduced for that purpose.

Internet Ministry

The development of a Presentation Ministries website began in 1996 and continues today. The goal of the Internet ministry is to help "make disciples of all nations" (Mt 28:19) and to "help those who first make contact [with the Gospel] through the Internet to move from the virtual world of Cyberspace to the real world of Christian Community." (Pope John Paul II, Message for the 36th World Communications Day, issued 1/24/2002). So while you're on our website why not have a look around!

Home-based Christian Communities

Home-based Christian Communities form the foundation upon which many of our ministries operate. Fr. Al Lauer received a vision from the Lord about the importance of Home-based Christian Communities as found in the Acts of the Apostles. He worked with the concept of developing communities for several years. Finally, about 1986, several parishioners of Our Lady of Presentation Church in Cincinnati, Ohio began to form home-based communities. Over the next few years Fr. Al developed the details concerning leadership development, community structure, and networking. A home-based community consists of about 12 committed members as brothers and sisters in the Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit. Each day members of the community pray for one another. Members strive to be in frequent contact through praying together, sharing meals, working together, phone conversations, and by having fellowship, recreation, or ministry together. Typically, a community has formal meetings twice a month, and attends Mass together at least once a month.




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